LG GD910 Touchscreen Cell Phone Watch

Wrist PDAs, Computers, and Phones are soon to be the wear of the future. We've all seen them in Sci-Fi movies and shows, FINALLY they're coming around. Hands free literally. Give it time, the price will drop. Wait till 20-30 years from now, where we'll probably be using VR HUD Multi Devices no larger then the current blue-tooth headset.

1st of wearing a watch phone at this time can easily give you high profile performance wherever you go. The Liquid will easily be a conversation piece in any party or gathering. Not many will be willing to fork out that much for a piece of hardware that is harshly compromised to offer the same breathe of features on a smart phone from Sony Ericsson, HTC or Nokia, to mention some. The watch phone is a quad band GSM with 3G/HSDPA for creation smooth 3G calls possible. There’s no internet browser to benefit from 3G and rightly . Try imagining yourself surfing on a 1.43-inch display with washed out 256k color support. It’s surprisingly a capacitive touch screen covered in scratch proof glass. A Flash based user interface enables the touch screen feature.

LG added voice recognition to control the watch phone so you can input commands by voice. Conversely it has text to speech ability that reads text messages so you can minimize straining your eyes reading text on a small display. Initiating a voice call can really be slick with voice commands just ask nicely and talk away.

Bluetooth with A2DP which is great so you can listen to your favorite mp3 files without a dandling wire to it, as if the 49 x 49 x 13.8mm body can accommodate a headphone jack. Until you realize its 80MB internal memory can only accommodate a few dozen low bit rate mp3 files. A microSD slot is asking a lot on its diminutive body. In fact, you can just take out its nice leather strap and you have the smallest mobile phone on earth.

The watch phone features 8 different watch faces you can customize it with. They’re basically home screen wallpapers that show you the time in analog or digital in various display schemes.

Thats just great! but they should come out with a way to talk with the watch placed in your ear.. Like keeping your palm to you ear.. that way no need to carry a blue tooth ear set all the time.. They should also get a jack..


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