Unlocking Solution

Problem 1:

Your Name: Rakesh
Your Email Address: rakesh04cp25@gmail.com
Subject: My IMEI no
Message: My Mobile IMEI number has 15 digits & a slash in it .
can I remove that slash and treat the remaining number as my mobiles IMEI number.
You asked to sent my IMEI number to you ,can i write here or mail it to some Email id.

IMEI number have no slash between numbers. See mobile manuals to identify the correct IMEI no. You didn't mark your Mobile Company/ Brand.
Yes you could write here safely.

Problem 2:

Your Name: paul
Your Email Address: paulbton@ntlworld.com
Subject: unlock nokia
Message: please can you send me the code i'm with orange and my serial no. is 359550011215648

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