Cellphone Solution Samsung SGH-D900

Cellphone Solution Samsung SGH-D900

Cellphone Problem-1 : Locked
My E250 phone message is locked. what can I do now ?

Cellphone Solution :
Enter *2767*2878# That will reset all settings and passwords to default.
If that don’t work, enter *2767*3855# (please beware that the last one will erase all information from the phone!)

Cellphone Problem-2 : GPRS
Samsung SGH-D880 is a GPRS only phone, 3G/WCDMA/HSDPA/UMTS support is missing. Therefore, it cannot be used in Korea, which is a CDMA only territory--a simple 1900 MHz band is not enough.Any other suggestions for relevant phones?

Cellphone Solution :
You can refer to the FAQ for your phone manual actually.If you lost your manual, then go try and download the manual free from DOWNLOAD NOW
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