Nokia 3120c master code and Sony Ericsson W200i backup contacts in pc

Problem 1:

Your Name: Amit Debnath
Your Email Address:
Subject: SD card locked inside mobile
Message: My mobile No. is Nokia 3120c (classic) & IMEI No.353101028323383. I had carried out \\\"restore factory setting\\\" on my mobile with Micro SD card in it.

After restoration I find my mobile is okay, but card is locked & asking unlocking code. Please suggest whst will be the code??

Solve:This is your master code 4624035615.Just use this code to safe your mobile phone.If you are unable to use this code the go to experts.
Problem 2:

Your Name: selva
Your Email Address:
Subject: Backup Contacts into PC in my W200i
Message: How should I backup my contacts in the Phone (Sony Ericsson W200i) into a computer.

Solve:You can backup some information to your SIM card. Depending on your SIM card, you may be able to backup 500-2500 contacts. The number of text messages you'll be able to store also depends on your SIM card.64 k ,128 k,256k this typed of sim are provide by your operator.
You have to use original Sony Ericsson W200i software to store your Contacts in your pc.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    i tried the master code listed above for my nokia 3120c and it still refuses to unlock

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