Chinese Handset in Bangladesh
Today's Chinese handsets are covering most of the markets in Bangladesh. People are interested mostly because the Chinese mobile sets are very much cheap in Bangladesh. That's why the chinese handsets are getting popularity in banglaesh. Many people are using randomly these handsets. The user of this handsets are the poor and the lower middle class public. Because these handsets includes multimedia option. People can enjoy the facilities in a reasonable price. Not only in Bangladesh but also in many parts of the poor country in South Asia and Africa.

Most of the Chinese Mobile are the duplicate from many original handset as Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson. These Chinese Mobile are using the name of them also as Nokla, Ndkia, Nckia, Sunnny Ericsson, Morotola, Nockla, etc.

But these handsets are not long lasting. There are many problems in Chinese Handsets. No warranty are given with them. So people are fade up with these chinese handsets. Day by day Chinese handsets are getting dispopularity in Bangladesh.


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