Future Mobile Phone

Mobile phone technology is advancing rapidly, but what can people expect to be using in 2015? What will their mobile be able to do and what will it look like? Nokia has collaborated with Industrial Design students from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London to come up with some ideas.S. what do you think about future mobile phones?

The winner

The device was inspired both by the advent of video calling and the traditional practice of carrying pictures of family and friends with you and the handset is designed to sit as a picture frame wherever the user is, serving the dual purpose of communications device .Comforting familiar focal point at home, at work or when away.This phones designs are beautiful.

Get your friend
The aim was a user friendly product that gave an emotional relationship,as like as a friend. A new generation of mobiles with Artificial Intelligence will be able to express a user's feelings, such as anger. The phone will also automatically recognize the voice of the user, allowing communication between them and their mobile.Now a days your cell phone is being your best friend.


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