Nokia Scentsory the future phone in Multi Sensor

Multi-sensory Nokia phones

The device works with the sense of smell, sight, hearing and touch. The user experiences communication on a multi-sensory level. It can detect, transmit and emit smell. It can also radiate colours, light and temperature from a caller's environment.This is a greatest phone by Nokia.
Its called Scentsory.It is a very smart phone. It evokes the human senses of sight, sound,touch and even smell for a multi-sensory experience.The dual-screen mobile has an LED touch pad, speakers, a camera and temperature sensors.


Scentsory could also detect, transmit and emit smells, as well as radiate colors, lighting, and temperature from the caller’s environment. It has a sort of electronic nose that works with highly sophisticated sensors. The nose samples the odor of the caller’s environment and transmits this to the recipient electronically. Apparently this works due to distinct genetic patterns that are associated with every odor, and it’s simply a matter of matching electrical harmonics with gene activity. The perception of a smell by electrical stimulation could be technologically induced.


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