Repair Motorola V220

Motorola V220 Full Housing Installation

Please note: Full housing installation should be performed carefully. These installations instructions are intended to be a guide instead of a complete set of instructions. These instructions assume you or your designated installer has a basic knowledge and experience in taking cell phones apart. DayDeal, Inc. & is not responsible for damage to the phone or phone parts during or after installation. When performing installation, be careful not to lose any parts and note placement of parts prior to removal.

Please read through entire instructions before proceeding. Also read each step before proceeding as each step contains notes and tips on smooth and easy installation.

Housing installation pictures are provided by Valor.

1. You'll need a Torx #6 screwdriver, a pry tool similar to the one shown in the picture to the left with the yellow handle and a pair of tweezers.

2. Begin by removing the battery cover, battery and unscrewing the antenna. Also remove your sim card.

3. Remove the top back cover by prying at the two points shown.

4. Your phone should look like this now.

5. Remove the 4 Torx #6 screws

6. Remove the back housing by prying the tabs and releasing the back housing as shown.

7. Remove the back housing and this is what your phone should look like.

8. Remove the speaker and the USB port cover. Be careful not to damage the speaker.

9. Remove the rubber speaker housing from the phone.

10. Disconnect the ribbon cable by carefully lifting the connector. We recommend you use your fingers instead of using the tweezers.

11. Remove the metal plate by lifting it off.

12. Gently lift the circuit board along the edges to remove. Be careful not the damage the circuit board.

13. Remove the keypad by peeling it off.

14. Insert a flat screwdriver between the flip and keypad housing to push in the hinge spring to release the flip from keypad housing.

As an alternative, you can also push the hinge spring in from inside of the keypad housing to release the hinge spring to avoid scratching the housing.

15. After you have released the flip from the keypad housing, feed the ribbon cable connector through the slot in the keypad housing to remove the flip.

16. Remove the faceplate from the flip by gently prying along the gap between the faceplate and the flip.

17. Remove the faceplate.

18. Remove the front display cover window by gently prying it up. The display cover window is attached by adhesive; you may wish to heat the display cover with a heat gun or hair dryer a little bit before prying it off.

19. This is what your flip should look like now.

20. Remove the 4 Torx #6 screws from the flip and remove the metal cover. Also pull the hinge spring out.

21. Remove the LCD, speaker and LCD circuit board assembly by gently prying out the speaker and along the edges of the circuit board.

You may wish to disconnect the speaker and ribbon cable and remove that separately before removing the LCD and LCD circuit board.

22. Remove the LCD, LCD circuit board and speaker assembly from the flip housing by sliding the ribbon cable out through the slot in the flip housing.

23. Your phone is now fully disassembled.

24. Prepare to reassemble your phone with the new housing.

25. Attached the foam padding around the inside of the inside flip panel as shown.

26. Feed the LCD ribbon cable through the slot in the inside flip panel to replace the LCD screen.

27. Make sure the LCD circuit board and speaker are properly seated.

28. Replace the metal cover and reattach the 4 Torx #6 screws.

29. Remove the adhesive tape backing to expose adhesive on the front display window and attach that to the flip

As an alternative, you can use the original display cover.

30. Replace the faceplate by snapping it in place.

31. Re-insert the hinge spring.

32. Attach the flip to the keypad housing by first feeding the ribbon cable through the slot in the keypad housing. Then attach the flip to the keypad housing.

33. Push the hinge spring in and attach the flip to the keypad housing. The hinge spring should pop out and lock the flip to the keypad housing. Be careful not to damage the ribbon cable. Check to make sure the flip action is working properly.

34. Place the keypad on to the keypad housing. You can use the new keypad or the original one.

Make sure the little rubber bumpers on the keypad and the side buttons are properly seated.

35. Place the main circuit board onto the keypad housing making sure the side switches are properly seated in the slots on the keypad housing.

36. Reconnect the ribbon cable connector.

37. Replace the metal plate.

38. Replace the speaker, the USB port cover and check to make sure the two metal contacts are in place.

39. Replace the back housing by snapping it in place. Make sure all of the tabs along the edges are snapped in place.

Reattach the 4 Torx #6 screws.

40. Tighten, but do not over-tighten the screws.

41. Replace the top speaker cover, antenna, battery and battery cover.

42. Installation is now complete.


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