Motorola V400 Modding guide

Motorola V400 Modding guide


Most of this was taken from NJLMX6 v300 mod guide. I just changed a few words and added pics to make it a v400 mod guide. you can follow this guide to change the keypad or to change housings HOWEVER this is for keypad.

Tools needed:
1- Torx #6...i found mine ebay for .89 cents (daydeal) just buy others as shipping is high.
2- Very small flathead...ideally, one of those precision screwdrivers kits would be good.
3- Pair of rubber gloves (to not get the LCD all greasy)
4- About 1 hours of time if you've never done this

Step 1.) Take off rear battery cover, battery, SIM, also take out antenna(just unscrew).

Step 2.) Flip open the phone.

Step 3.) There are 2 screws on the top part of the back housing..take off rubber caps and remove screws (Torx #6)

Step 4.) Two more screws (Torx #6) under battery

Step 5.) You will see three sets of "access hole" i guess you want to say. On the middle set, there are two tabs that basically hold the keypad part of the phone together...GENTLY open them into the inside part of the phone (i used a SMALL flathead) and pry the 2 pieces of the housing open. (the white line is the "latch" and the red part is where the flathead should be inserted. Then just push it in towards the white line.

Step 6.) On the outside/back piece where the battery goes, gently pull it off.

Step 7.) You will see two small white thin rectangular pieces before the volume/speaker button which is CONNECTED to the main board. Take pliers, flathead, or fingers and *GENTLY* pop up the (A) end and then the (B) end out of the "holder" on each side. Dont worry if the main board pops up, its connected to the thin rectangular pieces. Then just take out/flip the main board up AND BE VERY VERY CAREFUL WITH THE RIBBON as its connected to the LCD.

Step 8.) You will see a ribbon cable on the top right side after you get that piece off. I really wish i had a picture of it....but it has a large connector with a piece of clear-ish plastic over it...mine had some sort of marker writing on it (quality control). VERYYYYYY GENTLY use a small flathead to pry it is a connector that has a clip to clip onto the other side of it...again... BE VERY CAREFUL or your LCD screen wont ork again

Step 9.) Continue to take off the rest of the pieces...should be pretty self-explanatory. The mouthpiece comes off with a small flathead...try not to touch the backside as you will need the adhesive to put it into the new housing. Be sure you remove the hands-free piece along with everything else...until it is a shell.

Step 10.) After all the guts are out of the keypad section.... start disassembling the flip section. Open it up...and there are 4 silver "plugs" that can be taken out easily with a very small flathead, or a pin. Also remove those 4 screws (Torx #6). Close the flip.

Step 11.) Now...understand that the flip is 2 pieces put together. When you close the phone, up near the top (where the antenna is) you will see one where the two pieces meet. GENTLY pry open that part of the flip. Be very careful as the camera is there. Once that part is apart....move your eyes to the other end of the flip, and pry this apart also. I used a small flathead...and made a few small scratches in my OEM housing doing this...but its the only way i figured it out. Moving on.....

Step 12.) Hopefully youve gotten the flip apart...and are baffled at what to do next. No worries. OK...looking at the inside of the phone...where the LCD your flathead into the slot on the RIGHT side between the flip and the keypad. GENTLYpry them open enough to seperate. be careful, because remember that ribbon cable you dissasembles? its still connected through the flip to the main part of the phone. to undo this, you will see a small slot where the ribbon cable barely slides through. Again....wish i had a pic of this, as is searched for an hour trying to get the ×××× phone into two pieces.

Step 13.) Same as the keypad area....take everything out..including camera piece, LCS, and status screen. I suggest wearing rubber gloves while doing this, because i got tons of fingerprints on my screen. Also at this stage, PAY ATTENTION to how the cables look all put together. i had a ××××× of a time gettign everything to stay put once i got it into my new housing. Again, don't forget about the earpiece.

----Lets all get to where we should be. You should have the following stuff about in front of you:

--2 empty housings...your original, and your replacement
--Table full of phone stuff...a camera, know....
--Half empty pack of Marlboro ciggs...i smoked SO MUCH due to stress.
--Mountain Dew

OK back to business.....

Step 14.) The re-assembly. Now..i don't know what exactly your new housing came with. I got mine off E-Bay from TECHNOPCS, which i would do again. It included not only the casing, but a plastic LCD protector, new screws, some rubber pieces, and some sticky thigs (earpiece and microphone), as well as those 4 silver plugs on the flip. I was very inpressed as well with the quality of the kit. For only 12 bucks...HELL YEAH.

Step 15.) Basically...everything goes back exactly the way you took it out. I'll let you figure it all out. Just a few more words....

--Don't forget to take out the piece in the flip that makes your flip "click" just pulls out.
--Make sure everything looks fine before you put a section back together. i completely finished then realized that i forgot to plug the ribbon cable back in...that was 3 ciggs right there.
--Be careful. This stuff isnt cheap to replace. If you really don't think you can do it...DONT. You should have some sort of basic knowledge of mechanics and electronics before attempting this.



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