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Frequently Asked Questions for Nokia Data Cables

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Q: What is data cable?
Data cable is a hardware to connect your phone with PC for communication trough COM port. Just as cable printer, a hardware to connect your printer with PC. Cables for mobile phones are connect via Serial RS-232, LPT1 DB25 printer cable or USB.

Q: What is Nokia Flasher Cable?
As it names applied. This cable is intended for flashing Nokia phones which long time been impossible to do. Thanks to GSM expert, Mr. Dejan Kaljevic who made this low cost device and simple design available. Just for you information, in order to flash Nokia phone before, a Nokia TDF-4 box that cost around US$20.000 is needed. Nokia Flasher Cable communicate with your PC trough LPT port instead of COM port as it is with regular data cable. How to use? Click here for more info. Attention!!! this cable is not intended to be used with Logo Manager, only for servicing.

Q: What data cable can do?
The beauty of data cable is it can do everything possible since it is software driven. From faxing or surfing the Internet until editing your SIM card content or phone's feature. That's include changing logo and ringtones on several phones that support those funtions, changing version, languages, upgrade, downgrade firmware, etc. All depends on Softwares.

Q: Can data cable be used for service purposes?
Every cellular phone uses hardware in form of IC with spider legs called Eeprom IC. This is the place where data is kept just as your computer hard drive. Without it your phone will not be able to functioning as it should be. Data such as IMEI number, menu function, etc are kept mostly in the Eeprom IC, but for security purposes could be copies at flash too and in addition it's necesary to calculate a checksum code if this information change.

Phone damage generated from incorrect data such as phonelock, security code, Nokia contact service, wrong software and wrong card messages, upgrade software data (by example convert from 3310 to 3315 with logo editing menu and other options, 6210 to 6250 or 8210 to 8250), IMEI number changed, etc would be able to be fixed by using data cable and appropriate software.

People use Eeprom Programmer hardware to access Eeprom IC data before. Disadvantages from this method is that there much more risk that you break your phone, because is needed to pull your Eeprom IC out from phone for programming. By taking the Eeprom IC out from phone, data such as IMEI number will be changed automatically to indicate that phone has been serviced.

With data cable, all disadvantages are eliminated. Access to Eeprom IC data could be done without opening the phone's housing or changing the IMEI number. Just like you charge your phone, you plug data cable in the same way.

Q: What are Security Code, Phone Code, SP Lock, SIM Lock, etc.?
Basically every phone equipped with features to lock its function so that users won't be able to use the phone for calling or even just to browse the menu.

Security Code and Phone Code or Phone Lock is just the same term and meaning. If your phone ask this code, it means that the security function to use the phone is active. For Siemens, if you put your code wrongly for 3 times, the phone will enter to "Phone Disable" mode in which you need to send your phone to dealer.

SP Lock or Service Provider Lock is a security features for not being able to use the phone with different operator. Most operator trying to make money by keeping its customer stay connected. So, they will try to sell you a cheap cellular phones and in return you need to sign up for their services. How do they sure that you won't switch to another operator after buying their phone at cheap prices? They will lock your phone to your SIM CARD. Meaning, you will be able to use the phone as long as you use their SIM CARD. If you insert another operator SIM CARD, a message saying "wrong card", "insert correct card", or "SIM blocked" will shows on your phone's screen.

Our Data Cable is the safest and most efficient way to solve unlocking problems. By connecting you phone to your PC and use the specific GSM programs, you will be able to manages your unlocking needs.

Q: Can i do the with a cable same as with Infrared or Bluetooh?
No. Service functions like unlock, flashing, change languages, etc. at the moment it's only possible with cables. However you can connect to internet, change logos, send/receive SMS, etc using Infrared conection.

Q: What's different between FBUS & MBUS?
The FBUS has two pins for Transmitting and receiving data. The MBUS has one pin for bi-directional data transfer. When some of the components inside the mobile phone are changed, they need to use the MBUS. Only Nokia Data Cable has both FBUS & MBUS which are according to the pin out

Q: How many kind of data cable?
For nokia there are 4 kinds, FBUS, MBUS & both FBUS & MBUS and Nokia Flasher cable. But Generally there is 2 type of cables data transmission or service cables. Some times this cables are the same for other mobile phones models.

Q: Does MBUS be the same as M2BUS?
For most mobile phone there are only one or two bus (FBUS & MBUS) cables, so MBUS is same as the M2BUS for softwares such as Wintesla or Winlock, particularly the Nokia.

Q: What's the speed of transmitting for F/MBUS data cable?
With GSM Usually, 9.6K to 14.4K depends on the service operator company.
With GPRS you can get 50 Kb/seg.

Q: What's the application range of the data cable?
Most people use data cable for servicing phones such as changing IMEI or open phone lock as well as SIM lock. Others use it for fun such as changing mobile phone screen logo, typing SMS from PC keyboard, designing unique ringtone, etc. For people on the move, they use data cable for faxing, browsing the Internet, emailing, etc. Now you can customize your nokia phone including menus, all prebuild ringtones, fonts, etc. You can find more info at Nokia Flash Reverse Electronic Engineering:

Q: Could fax and data function of data cable be used at any time?
The user needs to register for enabling Mobile Fax and Data Service from their specific carrier/operator. After that, user can play the online & fax function.

Q: Where can I get the software?
User can download service software from If you need modem software you can download from except Nokia data suite that is a commercial product only necesary for old nokia models like 5110, 6110 and compatibles.

Q: What’s the features of Logo Manager software?

  1. Changing the welcome logo when you first turn the phone on
  2. Changing the operator logo displayed on standby mode
  3. Changing Screen Saver pictures (if applicable)
  4. Editing the caller group icons
  5. Sending new ringtones
  6. Editing and managing your SIM card contents
  7. Sending text messages
  8. Sending logos and picture messages to your friends via SMS
  9. Accessing the Network Monitor menu (hidden menu that displays lots of technical info on your phone), etc.

You can purchase at

Q: What's the minimum computer specification platform for most programs?
Windows 95/98 & Windows NT 4.0 with Service Packs 3. There should be at least 15MB of free disk space and make sure there are no MS-DOS running on installation. Note that if you use Nokia flasher cable it will not works under NT4, windows 2000 or XP. You need to use windows 98 or millenium.

Q: How to connect Nokia 3210, 3310, 8310, 6510, 5210, 5510 datacable as there is no plug externally?

Open the back side housing and fit it as shown below.

Q: Can i use connect to internet with Nokia 3210, Nokia 3310 or Nokia 3390?
No. This phones has been not designed to connect to internet. You can use NK-32 and NK-33 cables repectively, but this cables only allow to change logos, send / receive short messages or use in service mode to unlock, repair, change imei, etc.

Q: What is DAU-9P, DLR-3 or DLR-2 data cable?
DAU-9P is the original nokia reference for the first and most popular data cable released, this cable is FBUS and MBUS. It works for 51XX and 61XX nokia series. This cable could be used in MBUS mode with 6210, 6310, 7110 nokia phones. You can find it at ucables with reference NK-567
DLR-3 is type of data cable Nokia 6210, 6310, 7110 and compatible series. You can find it at ucables with reference NK-71
DLR-2 is for Nokia 9110/9210/9290 to be able to communicatice with PC for faxing or connecting to Internet. The use of DLR cable is limited, and can NOT be use for servicing phones as the cable is equivalent to FBUS type (most service program needs MBUS type cable). If you need an MBUS cable for 9110, 8210 or 9290 you can find at ucables with reference NK-91

DAU-9P, DLR-3 and DLR-2 are official nokia cables and they are the unique cables that you can get originally from nokia, however there is another nokia phones that can use data cables and that nokia is not selling to the public, only to oficial nokia service centers ( SAT ), you can find OEM cables from by example as NK-8, NK-32 or NK-33 data cables.

Q: Where can i buy quality cables?
You can to buy at, he offers guaranteed cables and your will receive by DHL very fast and cheap.

Q: I want to change logos and ringtones using my nokia cable, where can i find free logos and ringtones for my nokia?
You can find thouthands of logos and ringtones at: and

Q: Where can i find guides to unlock, flash or repair mobile phones?
When you make your purchase at you will receive an username and password that will give you access for 3 months to the members area where you can find all guides, docs, faq and information about how to use data cables to unlock, flash, repair, change imei, change languages, upgrade, downgrade, etc. You can check it at ucables members area

Q: Can you tell me what cable reference i need to use with my nokia phone model?
You can check compatibility list of nokia cables here. If you need to know for other mobile phones you can check cable wizard at


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