Motorola Z8 disassembly

Motorola Z8 disassembly
If you require a new screen, phone cover and screwdrivers, they can be purchased from Motorola Service Center.

Tools required: Torx 5 screwdriver

  • Remove the battery cover, battery and the two rubber stoppers above the battery compartment to reveal two screws. Remove these two screws

  • Unclip the microphone cover (just lever it out with fingernail) to reveal two more screws. Remove these screws

  • With the two screws removed in the above step you can now remove the mic

  • Pull the battery compartment away from the rest of the phone and you phone will now be in three main parts, like below, attached by ribbons. The ribbons connect like a plug and socket. Simply lift pull them out to unplug them

  • With the ribbon from the battery compartment removed your phone will look like the picture below

  • Now unplug the other three ribbons which are attached to the green circuit board. Your phone will now look like below

  • Now remove the two black screws at the top of the phone

  • Run your fingernail around the edge of the front cover where the silver metal part meets it, shown below, to release the front cover

  • The front cover will still be connected but will be loose enough to allow you to twist it round slightly and access two more screws on either side of the phone. Pay careful attention to these screws before removing them. They hold two brass coloured metal clips in place which will pop out when you remove the screws. Just make a mental note of their position for when you put the phone back together

  • You can now remove the ribbons which are attached to the top half of the phone/LCD screen

  • You'll now have the front part of the phone removed. If you are replacing the LCD we advise you to buy a screen which comes with the entire front part of the phone (sold here as the LCD is glued into the front cover. It can be removed, as you'll see below, but you'll need to glue it back in when you put the phone back together, which will be messy.

  • To remove the LCD from the front cover gently pry it away. It's glued down so will peel away from the front cover

  • The LCD is held in by clips around the edge of the metal frame. Bend the clips back slightly to remove the LCD. Reverse the whole procedure for reassembly


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