Motorola V635 Teardown

Motorola V635 Teardown
The Motorola V635

- a T7 Toque screwdriver. Yes you NEED this. Don't try and half ass it with a slot-head screwdriver that fits the grooves in the torque or you'll just end up stripping a screw and these screws are virtually impossible to replace.
- a very sharp and preferably very thin knife. You'll need this to release the plastic clasps that hold the plastic clamshells for each half of the phone. You can chance it without, but 9 times out of 10 you'll crack a hinge and your phone will never feel solid agian.

First off we'll need to slide off the front "face plate". To do this open then phone and look at the front half of the phone where it meets the hinge, it's pretty easy to distiguish the aluminum front piece from the rest of the plastic body. If you've got nails you canjust pull it off from the edge.

If you don't have nails USE SOMETHING PLASTIC to hook the edge of the aluminum faceplate and pull it towards the bottom of the phone. Avoid using steel screwdivers,etc. Remember the materials that make up the casing for the V635 are aluminum and plastic, both of which are pretty soft and easy to gouge scratches into if you're not careful! Once you've got the faceplate off you can take out your transflash card (if you have one)

Next unscrew the four screws that hold down the secondary metal faceplate. Don't try and pry it up right away, you have to release the two clasps that hold it in place. Remember this faceplate is also aluminum, so work gently. Remember you can bend this one back into shape pretty easily if you warp it. Be very careful when you're doing this that the small, round piece of glass that goes in front of the camera doesn't fall out. Its impossible to find once you've lost it, and virtually irreplacable.

Now its time to take the screws out of the back. Flip the phone over (put it down on something that won't scratch the screen. Remember that's that's just a glass screen now, there's not plastic protective cover). Take off your battery cover:

Take out your battery and then take out your SIM card. If you've never done this on your phone, it might be a bit tricky.

ONCE YOUR SIM CARD IS OUT PUT IT SOMEWHERE SAFE. Your SIM card is your phone's key onto your providers network, it might even have a portion of your phonebook on it. Either way you do NOT want to loose it and have to try and get another one from your cellular provider.

Unscrew the 4 screws on the back of the phone. Note that the screws that go through to the chromed hinge pieces have a finer thread and are much longer than the other two screws.

Next unscrew your antenna. I seriously totally forgot to the first time I took my V635 apart and couldn't figure out why the back half wouldn't come apart. Lesson learned =P


Now to seperate the two halves of the flip phone. First unplug this ribbon connector by prying up the gold grounding patch (it should come pretty easily).

Now you have to thread that ribbon piece thorugh the keypad face of the back half and through the hinge to lift off the front faceplate. One of the two chome pieces of the hinge will fall off right about now, don't worry it's mostly just there to act as a pivot point. The other chome piec that contains the actal hinge piece will still be securing attached to the front half of the phone (you can take it off if you want to, but there's really no reason to unless you're replacing the hinge or want to paint it). Look closely at the hinge portion of the front half of the phone and you'll be able to see a groove cut in to the plastic to thread the connector ribbon through. Be gentle with it, do NOT force it ever, if it stretches or tears you're pretty much forked.

And that's it. You should now have:

Now put your bloody phone back together!


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