Nokia Cellphone Comparison Lumia 900 and Lumia 800

Now Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Cell Phone was announced, a lot of people ask us how different looks on the Nokia 800 Lumia, which we did here in the UK since last year. Well, now we have beautiful pictures side by side for you to see with my own eyes.

Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone: What the experts say

When the Nokia Lumia-900 in Las Vegas was unveiled at CES 2012 was immediately clear, the new Nokia pisteltyjen Nokia Windows Phone was built in the same herättävän in the growth of the 800 Lumia plans, while at the same time pressing, a larger screen and polycarbonate design some of the amazing new features.

Well, now the team is The Mobile by Nokia Lumia 900–side-by-side on the Nokia 800 in the world to get a good look at Lumia, those big Windows Nokia Phones subtle differences. And there's certainly more to distinguish between two mobile phones, where initially the eye.

As a start for the Nokia Lumia 900 chassis differs slightly from the Nokia 800 Lumia. While Lumia 800 features its port charging under a small plastic cover, Lumia 900 instead leave a port open, making it faster and easier to connect the cables and power up Your mobile phone.

Then, when you use the back of the Nokia Lumia 900 in comparison with the 800 view Lumia, you can see that the LED flash differently on each device. While the LED flash is located directly above Richard 800 the camera, when viewed vertically, is instead the Aurel 900 the Flash set to the left of the lens.

And finally, while the Nokia Lumia 800 has a unique curved piece of Corning Glass Gorilla on its beautiful AMOLED 3.7 inch Panel, which appears to raise the screen images, the Nokia Lumia 900 opts instead for a flat screen. What effect will this have on the quality of the image – if any – is still to see.

All in all, however, the Nokia 800 and 900 Lumia Lumia Nokia very similar looking devices that both bags style makes all other phones Windows look really boring and comparison. We can't wait to try Lumia 900, and we will bring you full details of how his actions as soon as we can.


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