Samsung Tab 2 Galaxy S Confirmed

Galaxy Tab 2 Samsung Mobile Phone is Coming


Galaxy Tab 2 is actually a shelf of 10 "and - better yet - it works in a honeycomb. It is also assumed very close to the Xoom Motorola, spec wise, a processor running at 1 GHz and a screen resolution of hi-def is said to be confirmed. He did not say if the processor must be dual-core or not, but the new Samsung processor presented Exynos could end up inside.

Samsung was also confirmed Galaxy 2 and the data better than the pre-match erupted MobileFun pages. It must be 4.3-inch WVGA AMOLED display Super, an NFC chip, Bluetooth 3.0 and HSPA +. This thing is at the top of the line, as the phone may get, it sounds like.

Let's tour of the exhibition and attend the morning for Samsung, so be sure to stay tuned for coverage of these two features are going to be wrong with enthusiasm trying to get their hands on it.


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