RIM Blackberry Bold 9780 Gorgeous Messaging

RIM Blackberry Bold 9780 Having New Operating System

While the Blackberry Bold 9780 has marginal hardware improvements for 9700, its list of updates includes RIM's new smartphone OS. Sporting a wide range of updates on the software side, it offers a totally new experience for RIM users should find more engaging.

black berry bold 9780
Physically, the Blackberry Bold 9780 looks like an exact copy of 9,700 from the pocket-sized build a solid feel good in your hand. The screen is 2.4-inch LCD with 480 x 320. Call me ruin your day, touch screen, but it really seems a bit 'to make things complicated for non-media such as web browsing and watching videos on your phone. That said, the screen is sharp, clear and bright. The keyboard has the same excellent 9700, so it's a winner.

As a phone that makes the Blackberry Bold 9780 call for generally good. The voice was always clearly visible on our end, although some people reported emptiness on the other side of the call. The speaker was particularly low, but very usable. The battery is designed for 6 hours of talk time.

As mentioned, most of the changes occurring here in the software, which is a major reorganization of the platform. Although it falls short of one or Android IOS is a big change for the better. Despite modest 624MHz processor to the head, everything goes quickly and without delay.

The Bold 9780 is a quad-band world, with the usual voice call capabilities and strengths of the Blackberry messaging. The connectivity is fully covered with GPS, WiFi, 3G and Bluetooth 2.1. Its enhanced security features and support of the courier company are all on board.

This 3 mobile phones comes with several instant messaging programs, as well as a built-in applications in a variety of social networks. Web browsing is much improved, although the small screen makes the pain to use. Media Player is much more attractive, Sport Cover Flow-style interface and a bunch of features. board storage is only 512, though, so you might want to double and SD card.Black berry three mobile Bold 9780 is excellent.

5.0 camera is one of the few areas of hardware, updated 9700 Unfortunately, there are no detailed settings for editing and picture quality is very average.

As with previous versions of RIM is the greatest strength of the Blackberry Bold 9780 in its messaging prowess. It is a good choice for a messaging phone, but can not be updated worthwhile if you already have a 9700.


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