Nokia will Built Windows 7 Phone

Nokia Deals with Microsoft

Microsoft and Nokia have announced a new partnership that puts Windows 7 days Phone Finnish manufacturer for the future of smartphones. Oh yes, and even kill the Symbian operating system.
In spite of the portable machine the largest remaining in the world (they own 28.2 percent of the market), the prospects for the future Nokia smartphone peachiest not been for some time now, and soon with Android IOS chomping on their market share. They seemed to be making the effort with the planned restart Symbian and partnership with Intel MeeGo. But all this is moot now.

The new strategy, said Nokia Chairman and CEO Stephen Elop to "change society," are leaving all the current and future work for Symbian. Phone 7 will replace Windows, the platform currently less-than-winning Microsoft's mobile.

Besides being the operating system of choice for programming smart phone Nokia 2012, the company also added Bing as the default search engine on all phones they produce. Nokia Maps will live, if folded in the context of research Bing, while the Ovi App Store is integrated into Microsoft Marketplace.

There is no guarantee, of course, that this step will change the current standing of the products both companies'. It does not seem good to go - it could prove useful, as well as the company's future mobile devices increasingly competitive environment.


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