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LG Touch Cosmos Smartphone

With smart phones dominate the mobile landscape, it is easy to see beyond the range of continually improving the functionality of phones out there. For those who do not need a smart phone, but could use a touch screen of your life, the LG Touch Cosmos must provide sufficient an attractive option.
lg cosmos
Physically is a compact messaging phone that combines a touch screen and sliding QWERTY keyboard. We like the softness of the raw material, and rounded corners that make for a stylish design. The screen is a resistive touch screen of 2.8 inches (400 x 240 resolution) which, unfortunately, did not react we are accustomed to modern phones. Brightness and colors are welcome, however. The four rows of horizontal sliding keyboard is comfortable to use and more comprehensive, which is a surprise for such a small device.

As a phone, the LG Touch Cosmos fact appeal to the media. Voice came loud and visible, but not noticeable static slides from time to time. The other side shows a rather poor experience, saying that the voice sounded hollow. speaker experience was similar to the average. The battery is 6 hours of talk time.

All the usual phone features onboard, including a series of call options PIM tools, Bluetooth, voice recording and basic messaging. Because this message is a telephone-based services, communication for more advanced features available, also including mobile email (only for POP3 accounts), defeated IM (AIM, Yahoo and Windows Live) and social (networking application office). There is no 3G or WiFi, but if the data is slow, even when working with plain text transmissions.

There are on-board GPS VZ Navigator, mobile web browser and a music player quite simple. The camera is 1.3 megapixels in the same database. As expected, the images are a weakness, then you forget to use for all attempts to capture the image in question.

In general, the LG Touch Cosmos is strictly half messaging phone for occasional use. Although we like the touch keyboard combo is quite lacking in features for another business question. Moreover, we think the price is too low as $ 79.99 with a two-year contract.


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