Nokia 3110 Mobile Problems Solved

3110 nokia undo restricted code
Nokia Restriction Codes used to remove the constraints added to a Nokia phone from your original media, so it only works with their networks. It is also known as an unlock code or unlock a password.
You may try default phone and security code to remove restrictions.
Your default phone codes is 12345 or 00000 . You could apply them.
Default 4 Digit user code: 1234 or 0000
Default 6 Digit code: 123456 or 000000
Default 6 Digit code: 000999 or 1122,1123
Type *#06# at the mobile screen to know IMEI no of your mobile.
send the IMEI no to me and i will reply you with unlocking code.

IF Problem not Solved So, Give it a Flash and install software again.It will work.But this is the last solution.First of all you should try to apply above tricks.
"Let Us Know about Your problems. Our mobile repair team is doing hard work for you."
 Caution: We are not giving you 100% guarantee, that it will solve your problem. So, risk is yours.


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