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Bowling Superstars
Bowling Superstars trying to make things a little more interesting than his competitors put the player in charge of one of six cartoon characters, ranging from a child for Brazilian football mad 'Lil Zé Swedish record Bodge Mohawk.

Each player has a set of statistics that determine strength, the ability to shoot the ball and accuracy along the corridors. Statistics do not have a huge impact on the game, but the difference between characters is enough to be perceptible.conflicting nature of selection also determines the type of bandwidth used in the main hall, the "World Cup", although this is purely an aesthetic touch.

Bowling has been treated with "three clicks" a system which sets the direction of rotation, and power. Pressing the '5 'key locks moving arrows on each segment.

This is not as easy as it sounds, because each of the arrow moves terribly fast, so it is incredibly difficult to keep two shots in exactly the same.No turning back after selecting a wild pitch or, if the management is even more in the store, you will have to rely on benefits to keep the ball out of the gutter.

This system means that while there is still much harder than in real life to ruin a photo, is surprisingly hard to score strikes consistently.Over time, things have become easier, because the mini-train game of precision accuracy can make a character stat, but on the whole to continue to strike a satisfying experience.

The main problem is the game is the processing time long after the shot line. While it shows the title number-crunching hard to work with the results, it breaks the game a lot 'of power.While waiting for the computer to process the mathematics is not something that you take your advance if Superstars Bowling is a pleasant and delicate simulation of the sport.

BowlingSuperstars(176x208).jar ( 249 KB )
BowlingSuperstars(240x320).jar ( 334 KB )
BowlingSuperstars(320x240).jar ( 327 KB )
BowlingSuperstars(352x416).jar ( 349 KB )
BowlingSuperstars(360x640).jar ( 295 KB )


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