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Ninja Bounce a iPhone game is created by Jelly Oasis the survival of the game and control the trend to continue with my ninja-dependent fantastic games for the iPhone. This is a very fun game that adds a new dimension to the survival of a few. Instead of slicing and dicing as most ninja games, this game requires a different approach ninja skills to jump.

The concept is simple:
you must correctly press are the two points on the screen that correspond to specific point in the game Your Ninja will be constantly in motion, however, the length between the jumps is directly linked to good press the button right .
To make matters more urgent, a fire is rapidly approaching the left of the screen, biting his heels, so be sure to go as if it were the ultimate risk of developing or Kentucky Fried sushi!

The ninja were known for being thieves murderers to receive money as payment. Bounce Ninja continues this tradition by offering players a lot of gold coins for each correctly timed jump. Mistiming or pressing a wrong button will give you only one or two pieces, and eventually give you a jump near death. The schedule is easier said than done, and it takes a little practice before you get it right.

Ninja rebound slowly begins to get used to the times and the concept of the game. But you walk away, the game throws you in different combinations, which is the right time and the most difficult jumps.

Ninja Bounce offers two different game modes: Challenge and Time Attack. Challenge mode will continue until death, while the Time Attack mode, time for you to progress through the game. correctly timed jump, you can break the level more quickly, and perhaps his score.

The graphics of this game is really well designed and animated ninja is really on the spot. As you move forward, you will be treated with a really nice 3D moving background, currently one of the best I've seen these types of games. Ninja just jump to jump for joy with the spins and nice animation.

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Ninja Bounce iTunes Paid Download
Download Ninja Bounce Cracked File

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