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Death Worm was created by Play Creek and is perfect for players looking forward to the delicious midnight corpses.Like Super Mega Worm, you can control a worm with a single purpose, to eat or destroy anything that moves.

This game includes a full course dinner! The first appetizer, we are animals, like birds, elephants and much more. Next you choose your entree mindless pedestrians or the police. Too light? Soldiers who Bazooka transport. Also as a side dish you can put cars, trucks and other land vehicles. Finally, in the desert, we have a few different types of helicopters, aircraft, or the final surprise ... UFO! Still hungry? Well, you can choose from 3 different places!

Each level gives you kill a target. Each goal has been reached you pass a level you can then update the size of the worm, the speed reduction of 10% damage, the strength of fireballs, or three seconds to increase the speed bonus.

As cause chaos and carnage on the ground, to be able to pick up balls of fire premiums or the speed shown at random. Once you get three of these bonds can be saved or using spit fireballs lethal or extremely increase your speed for only a short period of time.

The control is much easier because there will be a virtual stick. I had absolutely no problem knitting and land for groups of people or vehicles. Trucks also drop boxes or let you hit rock bottom. This will open the boxes in the air and destroys many things in its path.
In reality hit boxes / rock took a little practice, but once you're able to hit him in the direction you want, then that's when you start to cause serious damage.

Once you enter the other levels, you'll have plenty of helicopters, tanks, soldiers, etc come to you from all directions. Results of a box at an angle with enough speed so that the box of flies horizontally and destroyed at least 5-6 or more helicopters and tanks, and probably some.

In general, this game is much better than Super Mega Worm in all directions. There are three places with 15 levels each. I'll kill targets, but there are different purposes What adds to its difficulty.
Buy this iPhone game for only $.99 

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