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Android Application cab4me

Using Android as a Google Maps API, users can call a taxi cab4me position with a single click. By using GPS capabilities to find not only the current location, but also the location of the nearest cab company, the application can initiate a call to the taxi company just click on the map. The application was developed Konrad Huebner and Henning Boerger.
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Publishers Review About this Android Application:
"cab4me helps you to find a cab when you need it. Start on the map and select your approximate pickup location. The map also shows you taxi stands whenever the data is available for your area. Then switch to the call tab to get a list of local cab companies. If a cab company is found in our database, you can get additional information like available car types or payment methods. If we do not have a cab company for your area, a local web search is performed. You will always get a result. In the Favorites tab you can quickly access your favorite companies and the recent tab shows companies you recently called."


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