Acer E140 BeTouch New Android Phone

Acer's New Android Phone

Acer E140 BeTouch
Acer has recently launched two phones and seem to have been successful. December 2010, launched another mobile phone running 2.2 OS Androis. Unlike his previous phone liquid metal appears to be a cheap mid-range phone. It has a resistive touch screen 2.8-inch screen resolution of this phone is 240 x 320 pixels. from the resistive touch screen, multi-touch is not available. You may also not be able to enjoy the luxury features of any operating system Android.

BeTouch Acer E140 has 512 MB of internal memory and supports up to 32GB of memory cards. This is an HSDPA 7.2 modem and has both Bluetooth and WiFi. Acer E140 is beTouch 3.15MP camera and supports video recording. but no secondary camera of this phone. but this phone is great navigation features. It 's a digital compass and GPS receiver. Also comes with a lot of pre-installed on Android applications.


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  1. GSMguru said...:

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  1. netshet said...:

    Great handset.I am immpressed with its features.
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  1. netshet said...:

    Great handset.I am immpressed with its features.
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