HTC Android ROM Gingerbread EVO 2.3 available

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htc android evo 2.3
HTC Android ROM Gingerbread EVO 2.3 available:

As we already know that gingerbread ROM for HTC EVO that was made earlier this month was just a little consolation, because most applications do not work because the source code of this gingerbread ROM was not available then.

But recently, Google released the source code and there are many books ROM, among them some are Nexus One, Galaxy S HD2. This is due to the constant work on the XDA-developers scramble to build the ROM and ROM Android finally Gingerbread 2.3, which came AOSP HTC EVO 4G.

Well in this last ROM Gingerbread most applications such as Wi-Fi, audio, radio, telephone calls and data synchronization with contacts works fine without any problems.

To download the custom ROM for EVO, just visit HERE.


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