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Zelfi sms: Free Daily Sms Messaging

zelfi smsZelfi SMS is a Java application for mobile. Its give us 3 free SMS with the message limited. Even Zelfi only gives us an SMS fiew, but we can send it to a mobile phone worldwide. Simply connect to GPRS, so that we can do. Yes, text messaging service wap requirements. Its compatible with any phone with Java support. Sign up and get it to this day.


You can download the official Zelfi SITEM sms or this blog. You must save this file to your PC and transfer via Bluetooth, data cable or infrared. Its small appplication with great function.

Click here to download zelfi sms.
file type: .jar
file size: 55 Kb


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    Hello friends,

    Zelfi finally offers since some time announced java-program for cell phones that makes possible to send free sms on the way. Sms are advertising financed. The advertising insertion takes place shortly before sending the message. Thanks a lot.....

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    Text Marketing is simply the marketing of your product or service by way of simple text messages, the same kind that you probably send to your friends and family each and every day.

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