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 We are not always in a place / circumstance that allows us to write an e-mail or write a text message, but thanks to Dragon Dictate, we now offer a hands free way to compose text on our iPhone. This free application for iPhone is a great addition to any person who does nothing on the iPhone. With the Dragon Dictate a user may speak the desired message in the iPhone and Dragon Dictate transcribe it into text. I used this many times when I need a quick way to compose emails, texts or notes on the iPhone. This is one of the best iPhone applications available to help dangers of driving and texting. You never sacrifice safety or SMS by typing on the iPhone. The Dragon Dictate iPhone app gives great text transcript - I found that the transcripts are very precise and offer a wide range of proposals, if the sound was not clear. A word of warning, like any technology, there is a fault - not the application, but in the way you need it.
  • Free audio to text transcriptions
  • Ability to copy/paste text to text message, email or any other iPhone application
  • Ease of use
  • Great editing features which allow you to correct mistakes in the transcription
  • Doesn't creat emails/text messages within the app - you still must copy and paste the text after transcription.
  • Short duration of recording time - if you are silent, the app automatically assumes that you are finished and ends the recording.

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