iPhone 5 Will Enable Ambitious Remote Computing Program

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a short-range wireless technology that will make the iPhone into an electronic wallet or key access security. NFC is already used in Asia and is expected to explode here in the next three to five years, especially if Apple adopts the technology. NFC has been rumored iPhone 5, and Apple seems ready for a revolution NFC. He did a lot of NFC hiring, including aa NFC leading expert and has patented a lot of NFC.

If iPhone is five NFC, programs such as an electronic wallet is obvious. But we were told that Apple is also a researcher for the NFC remote management. - For example, an iPhone NFC will enable users to carry a lot of their data and desktop settings and load them with data on a compatible Mac.

If users can wave an NFC-equipped iPhone is the NFC for Mac (it's next to interaction), the Mac will load all your applications, settings and data. It's like sitting on your machine at home or at work. When the user leaves, and an NFC-equipped iPhone is out of bounds, the host machine returns to its previous state.

“The Mac authenticates with the iPhone, which contains a lot of the information the computer needs, such as bookmarks, passwords and other data,” said our source, who asked to remain anonymous. “The system would essentially turn any Apple computer into your own — like you’re actually working on your own computer. Same settings, look, bookmarks, preferences. It would all be invisible. Your iPhone would be all you needed to unlock your Mac.”
We have found from sources that, Address Book contacts do not show, and the user would have access to your information in the same way they would if they were working at home. This same behavior extends even showing the same desktop image, mouse and keyboard settings, and eventually extend to the licensing of software and passwords for sites like Facebook.

When someone walks away with their iPhone and away from the communication link with the Mac, would be the Mac's original settings will be restored. All communications and storage of passwords remain on the user's iPhone, so nothing is left on your computer. "This feature has been expanded to access a user directory that will be stored and access, either through storage or by using MobileMe Back to My Mac feature to connect to the user's home directory. If true, this raises some interesting possibilities. To do so, Apple may need to add online features to OS X and its applications. Apple moves naturally over time with large mobile IOS, but there are indications that OS X Leo, due next summer will also be one of the clouds.

In a recent demo of OS X Leone, for example, Apple said the applications will automatically save and extend the car - rather than Google Docs. The new MacBook Air seems to cloud the machine, and there is that data center mass on the east coast. Apple has tried to build the NFC will be the Apple TV and other PC manufacturers are already building cars in the NFC. Lenovo offers an option for the NFC in some ThinkPad notebook secure log-in and online banking services using contactless smart cards. Our source says that Apple is always looking for ways to bring into your home with them, but balloon in iTunes and iPhoto, it has become a challenge.

“I don’t know if this information will be stored on the cloud or not, but I do know that smaller bits such as preference files, system settings, documents, keychain passwords, and other items would be stored on the iPhone for fast retrieval,” they said.

Analyst Sarah Clark of SJB Research, who is also editor of Near Field Communications World, said the key advantage of NFC is that it’s a quick and easy authentication system.
“It makes it very easy to connect two devices together so that information can be transferred between them – much easier than Bluetooth, for instance,” she said.

However, she said the data transfer rate isn’t very fast.“The usual idea is that you would use NFC to set up the link between the two devices and then do an automatic hand over to a different protocol for doing the actual transfer of data – eg Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, TransferJet etc – and that’s what I imagine would be happening here,” she said.


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