Puk Code UnLock Process

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One of blog reader recently asked me about unlocking puk code.In this purpose I am writting this post.

The PIN and PUK are provided on your SIM package, and can be changed many times. The basic purpose of these codes is to provide a security.These codes are normally used to prevent your SIM card from unauthorized use.

A PUK (PIN Unlock Key) code is required to unlock SIM cards that have become locked following three successive incorrect PIN entries. If your SIM card becomes locked, you will need to get a PUK code from AT&T to unlock your SIM card.

How to recovery puk code:

Puk codes are usually made for sim protection, if anyone incorrectly insert sim pin code then the mobile phones sim will locked.But puk codes can unlock pin.Puk codes is only given for the user only and nobody knows.
There are no software or hacking codes to recover puk code,if puk codes are locked.
You must have to contact with mobile phones network operator.

**I am trying to discover software for mobile phone sim hacking. Keep to updates!

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  1. pukcodeorange said...:

    nice post about unlocking. Waitting for pukcode unlocking software.

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