Mozilla Seabird Mobile Concept

Concept Designer : Billy May
Mozilla‘s Concept Series has an interesting entry today – “Seabird” a mobile phone concept to add a new dimension to the Android operating system. Mozilla is showing its concept phone which combines a number of emerging technologies. It includes a Bluetooth earpiece, which integrates an IR sensor so you can wave it around and pan around on the phone just by moving the Bluetooth earpiece.
  1. The pop-out wireless pointer
  2. With an 8 megapixel camera
  3. Dual Pico projectors with an output of 45 lumen at 960*600
  4. Wireless charging
  5. Runs on Android OS
  6. Bluetooth/IR dongle
  7. Netbook type experience on flat surface
  8. 3D software
  9. Wi-fi
  10. Gps
  11. Pump from the two halves of a QWERTY keyboard

Mozilla Seabird

Mozilla Seabird is open web based  Futuristic Concept Phone.

Virtual Keyboard and Projector

How does the mobile concept works: Watch Live Video :


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