Application VAKA Screen FX for Nokia 5800, X6, N97 and 5530

VAKA Screen FX is an application for Symbian S60 5th touchscreen phones. The application is your cell phone for the ultimate fun by adding fun cartoons and their sound in a beautiful way. FX screen allows you to customize your phone in the way of ultimate pleasure in giving animations and sound effects to your phone keypads.

You can then enjoy a customized experience as you enter phone numbers, receive calls, messages, browse the menu, or simply slide up / down or unlock your mobile phone. Screen FX comes with the application "Siu Hak Panda" and original "Wow Wow Dog" themes. In the future, other themes are available, so stay tuned.

You can change the animations, select "Visual FX Theme", click on it to browse and select the desired theme. To change the sound effects volume, select "Audio FX Volume" to adjust. You can enable/disable the visual animations for 0-9 keys, select "0-9 Screen FX" > On/Off.

FX screen is the Nokia 5800, XpressMusic N97, N97, X6, 5230, 5233, 5235 and 5530 XpressMusic. The application was developed Vaka. Version 1.00 of this application can be downloaded.


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