Apple wireless keyboard with the Nokia E5 E71 E63

How to connect your Apple wireless keyboard with your brand new latest mobile phones Nokia E5,E71,E63. All you need to do, prior to connecting these great devices, is to download a small piece of software for your Nokia phone. The bluetooth keyboard app is called Wireless keyboard, and it’s a free download from the official Nokia site. Depending on your phone, select the appropriate version – if you have the N82 or N97 Mini (or any touchscreen Nokia) select the s60 3.1 version, and if you have the E5 download s60 3.2 version. If you have the E71/E63, you already have this wireless keyboard installed, so you can skip this step.

Depending on your Nokia, this wireless keyboard app will be located in the Menu->Tools->Connectivity (FP1 phones) or Menu->Applications (touchscreen phones) or Menu->Applications->Installations (FP2 phones).

When you locate the app icon, launch the application, and you’ll see the following screen.

Now, you need to switch the Apple keyboard on. Just press the button from the right-hand side of keyboard, and you’ll see a little green light show up.

OK, now, click “Options->Find keyboard” on your latest Nokia phone.

Wait a few moments, until you see the list of available Bluetooth devices. Select Apple Wireless Keyboard, and you’ll be at the following screen:

Press “OK”, and type in any numerical code you like on your Nokia, for example “0000″.

Now you have to type in the exact same code on your Bluetooth wireless keyboard keyboard. When you do so, press the “Enter” key on the keyboard and you’ll see the following screen:

You can use the Apple Wireless Keyboard/bluetooth keyboard to control your Nokia new mobile phones and many latest mobile phones, using directional arrow keys , type long emails with ease, and navigate through menus by clicking “Cmd” keys on the wireless keyboard/bluetooth keyboard.


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