Jabra BT250v Bluetooth Headset

The Jabra BT250v designed specifically for convenience and comfort, lets you talk hands-free and wirelessly on your bluetooth compatible smart phone. Incoming calls are signaled by a silent vibrating call alert which combined with the unique design makes the BT250v a truly standout headset. It shares the same comfortable, behind the ear wearing style with the BT250v bluetooth headset, and with long talk and standby times is ideal for wearing all day long.

A single button on the Jabra BT250v gives you control of your phone up to 30 feet away voice dialing, call transfer, redial and call answer & end are all just a touch of a button away. It also provides you easy, intuitive volume controls and features LED and audible status indicators and you will get an average of up to 7 hours talk time and 200 hours standby on the BT250v's batteries. The innovative design and choice of materials ensure excellent voice reception and the patented Jabra MiniGel delivers excellent quality sound directly into your ear.
The lightweight (0.8 ounce) contoured device fits securely on your head works with either ear, looks great, and it is simple to set up. Jabra BT250V Bluetooth Headset is not only a solid product with good performance but it is one of the least expensive bluetooth headsets on the market.


  1. I brought the Jabra 250 to use on the ps3, after fiddling around with the settings i got it to work, the sound is crystal clear and it fit nicely on your ear. recommended to ps3 owners for online gaming.

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