IDOU - Sony Ericsson’s latest Phone

Sony Ericsson phones can be even more glamorous with silver finish on it. In Mobile World Congress, Sony Ericsson announced that it is about to present its customers with an amazingly fascinating and fashionable gadget in the form of IDOU.

The smart phone can prove to be a versatile gadget with diverse features accommodated in it. The phone’s features include a 12.1 Mega pixel camera, a 3.5” display for photos and videos. With the help of DLNA the IDOU can be connected to other devices in a wired or non wired network and to many set top boxes or network attached storages. IDOU is powered by Symbian Foundation+. Features of a walkman can also be traced in this new phone from Sony Ericsson.

Like other smart phones it boasts of a classic design, great picture clarity, and amazing touch screen swiftness. Gaming is also an inseparable part of this phone.


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