Noise Cancellation Mic On Nexus One


Second Microphone on Nexus One

One of great features on Google Nexus One is 2 microphones,One microphone is positioned on mouthpiece for captures your voice while you have conversation and the other one is positioned on back of Nexus One for captures your voice and background noise then compares it together.That means if there is background noise and you voice overlapped that noise will be deleted or reduced immediately.

With ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) and MEMS (Microelectromechanical Systems Microphones) technology,And that why Nexus One has a good quality call.So,for a new mobile and another gadget like mp3 or laptops in the future will begin using this technology too.

News from ANC business say ; global shipments of MEMS microphones will be 1.2 billion (1,200,000,000 !!) in 2013 increase from previous 0.1 billion (100,000,000) because a huge growth in mobile market.


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