Nexus One Still Hitting Sprint

Nexus One Sprint

Nexus One Sprint

If you still upset about Google canceling a Nexus One Verizon Wireless.Here is a good news for you the second biggest CDMA carrier in the States,Sprint still sell a Sprint version of Google Nexus One.According a conversation from between AndroidGuys and Sprint,Sprint Nexus One will be available in May.We can figure out why a release date of Sprint Nexus One will be May,because Google didn't want to release the Nexus One at the same time the HTC Droid Incredible will be released.However May still so close to the Summer (June) date which we have heard about HTC EVO 4G the first 4G phone release date but this is what Sprint said "Nexus is different phone and EVO is different phone. The launch time of both the phone is different."

At least Sprint have confirmed for this should be good news for us and everything can always change,there are many people who want Nexus One more than the newest powerhouse Android phone such as HTC Droid Incredible and HTC EVO 4G.For full conversation you check it in below :
4:04:26 PM : Jenny K: Please provide me the detail of your concern.
4:04:58 PM : Benjamin Rubenstein: So today Google has said that they will no longer be bringing the Nexus One to Verizon. I’ve been holding out for Sprint to get it and have been waiting ever since Sprint’s press release saying that it IS coming.
4:05:29 PM : Benjamin Rubenstein: I was wondering if Sprint will still be getting the Nexus One, and if so when?
4:05:58 PM : Jenny K: Please allow me a few moments to check this for you.
4:06:28 PM : Benjamin Rubenstein: Here’s the Sprint press release, btw…
4:08:08 PM : Jenny K: Thank you for being online.
4:08:33 PM : Benjamin Rubenstein: Thanks for taking the time to help.
4:10:39 PM : Jenny K: I have checked the information for you. Unfortunately, we do not have the information about the launching date of this phone. This is correct that we are going to launch the nexus. It will be most probably launched in May.
4:11:25 PM : Benjamin Rubenstein: So just cuz the CDMA Verizon version is not happening, doesn’t mean that Sprint’s gonna bail also?
4:11:56 PM : Benjamin Rubenstein: Isn’t it dangerous to launch the Nexus around the same time as EVO 4G? Or is Sprint not concerned about that?
4:13:30 PM : Jenny K: Yes, Nexus is different phone and EVO is different phone. The launch time of both the phone is different.
4:15:12 PM : Benjamin Rubenstein: but isn’t EVO launching in June?
4:16:02 PM : Jenny K: Yes, you are correct. We are going to launch the EVO in June.
4:16:28 PM : Benjamin Rubenstein: But Nexus One is coming in May? Perhaps being launched around Google I/O?
4:17:13 PM : Jenny K: Yes, you are correct.
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