Disassembling and Repairing Mobile Phones

Disassembling and Repairing Mobile Phones

A mobile phone is a very complex device. However, like most modern electronic equipment in a mobile modular fashion are designed so that they are easy to install and relatively easy to repair.
Against this background, it is indeed possible, with a few simple tools that will be cut in most cell phones and do some simple repairs at home. With practice, you can also average number of handsets from auction sites and buy will be exchanged in order toComponents in them to make a working phone on a number of broken ones.
Of course, you are a sort of guide as to how to disassemble your phone (it's easier to put the phone back, if you have one, how can you refer to) a graph of the re-assembly. Of course if you do not have a disassembly guide and you have a digital camera, then you can use it to the dismantling process and every component that you remove from your phone and you unclip each core. Also make sure you have a plan on the phone andPlace each component on this remove, as you put it. In this way you will not be confused with no screws or the order in which the components have been removed (ie the order in which they should) be brought back. Of course, if you perform a reduction from your mobile phone in this way you can post your process on the Internet.

It is really amazing how simple it is. For most modern mobile phones, you will need to be a few parts in a position to get into them, but what you need is cheap and easily available. These include: an anti-static wrist strap writs, tweezers, a small flat-head screwdriver, a small Phillips (Phillips) screwdriver, and a set of Torx (six-star) screwdriver (usually T4, T5 andT6). In addition, you may need a flat blade like a Stanley knife (to prize away) some glued components, and is something for the opening of the case. You can use a provided for this purpose plastic tool, or even something like an old SIM card.
Broken for most cell phones, it's pretty obvious what with the phone itself wrong. In general, these cases include cracks, broken keyboards, damaged batteries and broken screens. All these elements can be easily connected to most mobile phones to receive and hey are also in a modularFashion, so that they will be exchanged and executed.

Please note that if you perform any reduction on a home phone still under warranty, you will almost certainly void the warranty. OnlyAttempt to dismantle a cell phone, if you know what you're doing, or not afraid of the danger of damaging the phone. Of course, if you try this process on a broken phone can not harm you, and you can also find out how to fix it and it so again.


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