Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

Feature: Sony Ericsson is one of the latest cell phones of Sony Ericsson company With a 800×480 VGA screen. It’s not just that the screen has an amazing resolution, it’s that the screen is vibrant and clear as day. If your vision isn’t top notch you might have to increase the font size in settings because it gets a little small with that super high-rays. Sunlight can’t phase it either as we had no problem using it on the go outside.

We didn’t put the speakers through our normal tests just yet to be honest. We tried a couple MP3s and they sounded good, not great. 

The keyboard is a perceptive area for many people. Anyone who follows us know we take it very seriously — we put them all through the ringer! So, it pains us to report, that at least with our meticulous unit, the keyboard wasn’t great. It didn’t take time to get used to it, it just didn’t perform like the way we had hoped. You can play various interesting games with it. 
Special Feature: It has a sliding keyboard by which u can play various interesting games.


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