Siemens SL65

  The SL65 has a bold first feeling with its design. At the heart of this is the ground-breaking slider mechanism. The built-in video camera of this phone has 5x zoom, 8 frames per second and a 640 x 480-pixel resolution. This VGA camera has a high-resolution 16-bit color display with 65,000 colors shows clips individually recorded with the H.263 video player to their best improvement. It has Flash IFL-600, which has automatic exposure control even under low light conditions. Don't expect to take any candid pictures in the dark with this camera.

  The new SL65 has a wide range of logos, backgrounds and ring tones in polyphonic sound. Rationally assembled, the menu system of the SL65 is easy to navigate, also incorporating a effective feature which lets users program each direction of the keypad for launching an application. 

Special Feature: It’s so good looking and has sliding quality


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