Speaker change and nokia warranty

Problem 1 :

Your Name: shaheed
Your Email Address: shaheed111@rediffmail.com
Subject: Change the speaker
Message: please I want to changing the Speaker procedure

Solve:You can change your speaker .Its a easy way 1st choice speaker for your phone .Its is most important to choice same speaker. Mobile Speaker

Problem 2:

Your Name: jamie connolly
Your Email Address: djjamie8692@hotmail.co.uk
Subject: i think i have a fake n96
Message: i purchased a nokia n96 after an advertisement on the internet. i have had my father look at the phone and we can find 24 faults with the phone up to now. the phone only has 8gb memory but only 921k free even after formatting.they should have 16gb memory.the camera is not a 5mp and it doesn't have the plate that comes out of the back.usb cable also doesnt fit and only one speaker works. the manual only has 32 pages. the phone keeps losing signal. i pressed *#0000# and this is what came up:
nokia n96 (12.01)
i have checked it out on the internet and it comes up as the n95 8gb black. can you please get back in touch and tell me if you think that the phone is a fake because i have now got my reasons to think so.

Solve:If you have warranty then you can change your phone.Warranty is most important thing for every phone because when you have warranty ,you have no tension about your phone.


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