Samsung patents gesture based phone interaction

Regardless of how crazy someone might look when waving their hands around in front of their phone, this idea seems like a winner. Samsung has just patented a system, in which a phone get information from the user based on hand gestures that the user makes. As you can see in the diagram, there are quite a few gestures that can be used.

Samsung Gesture Control Diagram

The system works with a front facing camera on the mobile, that registers hand movements made in front of it. When the system sees a movement, onboard software, preloaded with known gestures, enacts the desired result. Not only does it remind one of the Nintendo Wii, but it could be very useful. If the gesture system is intuitive enough, this could very well be the future of mobiles.

One possibility is allowing users to load their own gestures on the phone. If Samsung allowed the system to be expandable by custom gestures and actions, then this system has the potential to be a huge hit. Probably even if it does not have the ability, someone will figure out how to do it any way. There was no time frame for when the technology will hit the market.


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