Nokia 3230-rh37-schematics Diagram

Nokia 3230 Pictures
The Nokia 3230 imaging phone features advanced messaging capabilities and the ability to capture and play back video. In addition to MMS, e-mail, instant messaging (IM), and Bluetooth, the device features Word and PowerPoint viewers and hot-swappable RS-MMC. The Nokia 3230 phone is suited to both business and mobile lifestyle applications.

Get creative with the Nokia 3230 smartphone. Create your own ringing tones, print your mobile images, play multiplayer games over a wireless Bluetooth connection, and browse HTML and xHTML Web pages. Plus, with a 32 MB MMC card and expandable memory, you'll have lots of space to be creative.
Nokia 3230-rh37-schematics Diagram (Part 1)
Nokia 3230-rh37-schematics Diagram (Part 2)


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