Nokia 3220-rh37-schematics Diagram

The Nokia 3220, like other Nokias before it, is squarely aimed at the youth market. If you're looking for Bluetooth, an infrared port, or other business-oriented features, try elsewhere--this handset appeals to those seeking a small and stylish phone with some fun details. The 3220 delivers on this promise, but a few irritating features could keep this phone off of many users' must-have lists. The T-Mobile phone is a bit pricey for teenage pockets ($229), but you should be able to find it at a with service.At 4.11 by 1.74 by 0.74 inches and 3.03 ounces, the Nokia 3220 is small and thin enough to fit into your front pants pocket without your worrying about crushing the phone or showing any unseemly bulges.

The Nokia 3220 have a great looking and it is extra smart mobile for the user. But this mobile is now rare in market after releasing some new hand sets of Nokia. Nokia Music Exoress, N-series and E-series are the best selling mobiles today for Nokia.
Nokia is known for its unique keypad designs. Although the layout on the 3220 is conventional, the implementation is no less creative. With the 3220, each dial-pad key holds two characters (the 1 and the 4, the 2 and the 5, and so on) separated by an indentation.
The good: Small and light; strong battery life; automatic volume control; IM capability; support for EDGE data speeds.
The badThe bad: Poorly designed scroll key; unintuitive contact-entry system; inferior camera; low-volume speakerphone.

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