Mobile Multimedia Card

Multimedia Card (MMC):

The Multimedia Card (MMC) is a flash memory memory card standard.Multimedia Memory Flash Card (MMC) is about the size of a postage stamp: 24 mm x 32 mm x 1.4 mm. Slightly thinner than an SD Card It can be used in most the same applications.MMC uses a 1bit serial interface,newer MMC plus allows transfers of 4 or sometimes even 8 bits at a time.It is depend in your memory card.Pin compatible MMC cards can be used all devices and it is support all kind of software. It is an ultra-small, high storage solution for MP3 music players, digital video, cellular phones, and global positioning systems. A 128MB Multimedia Memory Card holds 128 minutes of MP3 or about 80,000 book pages.MMC card is used as storage media for a portable device, in a form that can easily be removed for access by PC.Example, a digital camera would use an MMC for storing image files. With an MMC reader (A small box that connects via USB or some other serial connection, although some can be found integrated into the computer itself), a user could copy the pictures taken with the digital camera off to his or her computer. Modern computers, both laptops and desktops, often have SD slots, which can additionally read MMCs if the operating system drivers support them.

It was developed for all the leading open systems platforms. This technology is an open standard available to any company who wants to improve upon it or develop products for it. This includes Linux and all other Unix variants. Linux companies will easily be able to develop products for MMC cards. The SD standard was developed essentially for the Microsoft Windows platform. Sometimes, to get at the real difference between two competing standards, one must also view the forces driving their adoption.There is many type of space like 4Gb, 8Gb,16 Gb or 32 Gb.


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