Mobile phone repair and provide master code

Problem 1:

Your Name: JAn Anthony
Your Email Address:
Subject: unlock security code
Message: this is 2nd hand phone i forgot to ask the security code, can u help me? my IMEI 354848019404866 THNKS.

Solve:If you are a Nokia phone user then your master code is 0046257443.Try this code.

Problem 2:

Your Name: sattar
Your Email Address:
Subject: java apploader
Message: Java Application Deleted in my motorola l6i ,how to Install in my phone

Solve:You can upload java application using Bluetooth and data cable.CLICK HERE

Problem 3:

Your Name: caroline
Your Email Address:
Subject: LG secret
Message: touchscreen dosnt work................

Solve:May be your screen will be damage.Its a hardware problem.If you have warranty then go to customer care center.

Problem 4:

Your Name: hardik
Your Email Address:
Subject: vibrating alert problem
Message: my mobile i m keeping for vibrating but my mobile not vibrating why?? how can i solve the problem??
thank u

Solve:Take it back to the store and demonstrate the problem to them. Make sure they understand and see the problem, not just open it up and say "yup, it has a battery and 15 buttons." Then, if it is under warranty politely demand that they fix or replace it.
mobile phone repair

Problem 5:

Your Name: vidyasagar
Your Email Address:
Subject: problem
Message: i have sonyerission w2ooi that mobil games is not install shoing application to slove this problem..........

Solve:Please check your games format .CLICK HERE.


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