How to make a mobile

What you'll need:
Wire coat hanger, construction paper, scissors, hole punch, string or yarn for a hanging mobile. For younger children, you might make a stationary mobile or stabile.

Mobiles are balance in motion. This activity may challenge adults and children.

Setting up:
Explain to children that mobiles can hang from the ceiling or stand where their parts can move. Children choose whether to make a mobile or stabile, and what they would like on it (perhaps construction paper shapes, dried leaves or family pictures).

What to do:
To make a hanging mobile, children cut or tear paper shapes or choose other objects. Punch one hole near an edge of each shape. Cut string or yarn into different lengths, and tie to the object first. Hang up the coat hanger. Tie items on the hanger one at a time, deciding how to shift their weight until the mobile is balanced.

For a stabile, use a ball of clay or piece of thick foam as a base. Poke pipe cleaners into the base. Cut paper shapes. Attach paper shapes to the pipe cleaners.


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