Upload Files To Gmail from mobile phone with GSpace Mobile

GSpace Mobile application provides approximately 6 GB or more space.It's amazing news for us all. We can use gmail easily now in our mobile.

Features of GSpace Mobile:
1. GSpace Mobile allows you to upload and download the files and folders to and fro from your mobile phone to gmail inbox and vice versa.
2. GSpace Mobile provides an approximate storage space of 6gb thereby enabling the mobile phone users to possess a lot more memory space then they actually have.
3. Speaking theoretically, GSpace Mobile allows you to have approximately unlimited storage space as you can add any number of gmail accouts to the GSpace Mobile list.
4. GSpace Mobile is also compatible with firefox addin and it is easily available as a free download.
5. The free version of GSpace Mobile allows you to add only gmail account and upload files of size not more than 1mb.
Download GSpace Mobile


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