AT&T Brings Nokia 6650 To The States
The long-awaited Nokia 6650 3G flip phone made its debut in the U.S. Thursday with a retail-friendly price tag of $70.00.

AT&T revealed it will start carrying Nokia's 6650, already available in Europe, offering the 3G handset to its wireless subscribers. The 6650 is a mid-range flip phone running the Symbian S60 platform, giving it access to a large app library. Nokia's designed the model with media playback in mind, as the external screen features touch-sensitive buttons for accessing track controls without needing to flip the phone open. The phone sports a 2-megapixel camera as well as the standard Bluetooth and aGPS reception. You can use microSD cards up to 8GB load music on the phone or, if you're looking for even more access to music, the 6650 supports AT&T Mobile Music, which offers downloads through Napster, eMusic, and XM Radio services. AT&T begins selling the phone tomorrow, for around $70 after contracts and rebates.

The new phone replaces the older N75 model, and features the Symbian-based S60 platform. The fold phone has four hours of talk time and runs on what AT&T calls the "nation's fastest 3G network" to provide features such as a dedicated menu key for AT&T Navigator.

The Nokia 6650 also features other AT&T services, such as a 2.0 megapixel camera; 2.2-inch display with QVGA (16 million colors) resolution; AT&T Video Share (the "first-ever service in the U.S. that allows users to share live video over wireless devices while participating in a voice call"); and AT&T Mobile Music that lets users listen and download music from Napster, eMusic and XM Radio.

The initial 6650 release was in Europe five months ago, and is only available on the T-Mobile network there.The phone's regular price is $119, but drops down to $69.99 after a rebate and a two-year subscription.


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