Wow!! Beautiful and Expensive Mobile phones

Hello Kitty Prepaid Phone :
All pink loving savvy chick’s need one of these. The best part is that they’re only $99 and you can use them in the United States. They’re prepaid phones using Cingular, so they would be great for a teen.This super cute custom pink Hello Kitty Nokia 6010 handset features exclusive Hello Kitty ringtones, plus wallpapers and a game for its full-color screen. It also features voice mail, caller ID, wireless Web/email and text messaging. The Hello Kitty Nokia phone includes $10 of free prepaid Cingular KICSM wireless airtime.(Calls are 10c/minute to all Cingular customers on the Mobile to Mobile Plan.) When that balance is low or depleted, you can buy Cingular prepaid refill cards at Cingular Wireless stores and participating authorized agents and retailers.

Sony's Pink & Style Phone :

Introducing the new Sony Ericsson Z310i and Z310a mobile phones. The pictures are all shiny and new, but you won’t find any of these lush pink, blush bronze or jet set black in any stores this Christmas season. You’ll have to wait until January. Bah humbug! You know, they always seem to introduce the coolest new gadgets in the first quarter of the new year, and believe me it’s hard to make myself wait to get the newest and greatest things.

Pretty Pink !! Make for you a Plain RAZR :
So, you have a cool silver RAZR but you really want a pink one. Whether it’s that you don’t want to pay hundreds just to get the pink phone or the fact that you can find one.. here’s a quick, cheap and simple solution! Get a cover for it.Not so unlike the days of interchangeable faceplates, this snaps right over your phone. You can get it in loads of colors too, not just baby pink.At $9.78 you can afford to buy a rainbow!Besides, you know that after a month or two, you’ll be absolutely sick of the pink phone. Right?! Getting a snap-on shield is the perfect solution.

Style Designer for T-Mobile Sidekick 3 :

T-Mobile introduced two limited edition Sidekicks at an event in Los Angeles Thursday night.T-Mobile has partnered with fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg and street wear giant Lifted Research Group (L-R-G) to create the latest limited edition T-Mobile Sidekick devices.
Exuding a free-spirited independence and straightforward style, the Diane von Furstenberg Sidekick from T-Mobile is dressed in sleek black and features Dianeas signature hot-pink lips.
With an eye toward self-expression, the Lifted Research Group Sidekick from T-Mobile is hidden within the traditional baby tree camouflage and customized with L-R-Gacs iconic imagery.
The T-Mobile Sidekick 3 now combines cutting edge technology like bluetooth, instant messaging, email, web browsing, a full QWERTY keyboard, voice capabilities and, of course, cutting edge designs. If these hot looks tickle your fancy, you might want to hurry up and buy one, supplies are already in high demand at select T-Mobile retail locations and their online store.

Wow! Beautiful & Expensive :
This beautiful mobile phone is by Vertu. Before you fall in love, let me warn you that it is most likely out of your price range. Not only is it beautiful, it’s fabulous!!!
This luxurious phone is for those that enjoy (and can afford) the finer things in life. What girl wouldn’t enjoy it. Unfortunately, not only am I a Savvy Chick, I’m a broke chick, so I will have to do without.


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