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Problem :
The problem is , My brothers hand me down to me is his " Motorola Raza V3i cell phone of which it has " T-Mobile software installed , ok so far, but I liked " Vodafone pay as you go " got the unlock code from T-Mobile unlocked the phone installed Vodafone card asked them 6 times through various connections land lines and mobile but it still thinks it is T-mobile for web and walk and other items , question , can i uninstall T-Mobile, can you help is there a download area, I cannot seem to get to e.mail Motorola tried to find their contact but no luck are you an expert to help me, thanks in anticipation.

Solution :
Unlocking a phone simply allows you to use other carrier's SIM cards and send and receive calls. T-Mobile will give most people an unlock code after a few months of service if they want to use the phone during international travel where they may need to use other carriers' SIM cards to access (voice) service.

Unlocking a phone allows you to use different SIM cards to access different carriers voice networks. Unlocking phones does NOT remove programming for web programs and Internet access. Those things must be done by hand. If you've never done those things before, it can be a long process.

You need to start by making a call to the carrier whose network you wish to use and see if you can find someone there who is knowledgable and willing to spend the time with you to reprogram your phone's settings. I remind you ... this needs to be done with the carrier you wish to use. Everything is working the way T-Mobile designed it to. You are trying to re-birth your phone to a different GSM carrier. It can be done because GSM is designed to allow that flexibility but it is rarely an easy or quick process.


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