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Sprint just announced their Samsung ACE as another world-traveling handset to add to their global-phone lineup. Engadget Mobile has had some time to play with the Sprint Samsung ACE and came away satisfied. The Samsung ACE isn’t a whole new take on the QWERTY-keyboard toting Windows Mobile 6.0 Standard idea, but is rather a Sprint-branded BlackJack II with some minor improvements.

Most notably, the slanted navigation-pad has gotten a bit of an update from the Samsung BlackJack II and the keyboard’s numeric section has been revised. As expected, the Sprint-branding comes with some Sprint specific offerings like Sprint TV and On Demand. The EVDO data connection is nice and speedy, but with no 3G radio on the GSM side of things, globe-trotting with the Samsung ACE could leave you wanting for faster data.

The good: The Samsung Ace for Sprint offers dual-mode functionality for world-roaming, and it's unlocked for use with international SIM cards. The Windows Mobile smartphone has a compact design and features a 1.3-megapixel camera, EV-DO, and Bluetooth.

The badThe bad: General performance can be sluggish at times. It doesn't support overseas 3G GSM networks and lacks Wi-Fi and GPS.

The bottom lineThe bottom line: For Sprint customers looking for a world-roaming smartphone, the Samsung Ace is a nice and compact alternative to the RIM BlackBerry 8830.

Specifications: OS provided: Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.0; Processor: Intel 416 MHzXscale; Band / mode: CDMA 850/900 / GSM 900/1800;

The info on Samsung i325 camera, QWERTY keyboard and OS was spot-on. And Samsung SPH-i325 also has microSD memory card slot, non-touchscreen display, thumb-wheel navigation, Bluetooth and EvDO data support.

But Samsung Ace i325 is NOT a world phone and will not have GSM connectivity. What it has is plain and simple dual band PCS CDMA 800 MHz/1900 MHz radio to connect to Sprint network.


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